AquaPill SolarPill (4.4 oz)

AquaPill SolarPill (4.4 oz)

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AquaPill SolarPill (4.4 oz)

Part #90124 AP73

The majority of daily heat loss is due to evaporation.

SolarPill minimizes heat loss by forming an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the surface of the water to reduce evaporation.

Its patented delivery system gradually releases the formula into the filtration system to allow for optimum coverage.

One capsule treats a 12,000 gallon pool for one month.

The SolarPill can be used with ALL types of sanitizers and is compatible with all pool chemistry.

Features: Reduces heat loss and evaporation in swimming pools Helps conserve water

One solar pill treats up to 12,000 gallons for a month

Compatible with all pool types and sanitizers 2-3/4"

SolarPill AquaPill AP73


  1. Insert blue piercing tool into large center hole.
  2. Press firmly against hard surface until plastic is punched through.
  3. Remove blue piercing tool.
  4. ​ With pump running, place pill face up in the skimmer for 24 hours. Make sure to empty contents of pill prior to removal from pool.
DO NOT place chlorine tablets into skimmer at this time. Run the pump for a least 8 hours daily.