BioGuard Lo'n Slo (8 lb)

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BioGuard Lo' N Slo - 8lb

Lo 'N Slo is an easy-to-measure product for reducing pH and total alkalinity in pool water. It's safer to use and store than liquid muriatic acid.
93.2% sodium bisulfate
Lowers pH
Reduces total alkalinity
Quick dissolving
Safer to store, transport and handle than liquid acid
Test and add
For use in all pool types
Directions for use:
1. When pool in not in use, broadcast Lo'n Slo into the deep end with the pump and filter running according to the dosing chart provided on the label
2. Allow the pool water to recirculate for 2 hours and retest the pH. Repeat treatments as necessary
3. Never add more than 1.5 pounds of Lo'n Slo per 10,000 gallons of water at any one time
4. Newly plastered pools may require frequent treatments for the first few weeks while pool is 'curing'
5. Do not add near metal fittings or allow pH to drop below 7.2
6. Break up undissolved clumps of product that may remain on the bottom of the pool
7. Pre-dissolve for application to colored plaster pools