SpaGuard Water Clarifier (1 pt)

SpaGuard Water Clarifier (1 pt)

  • $ 15.99

SpaGuard Water Clarifier clears cloudy water by combining small particles into larger ones that filter can remove.

Product Information:

Helps clear cloudy water

pH 7.0

Does not effect your spas pH

Combines small particles into larger one for easier filtration

Directions for use:

1. Clean or backwash filter

2. Apply 2 tablespoons (4 capfuls) per 300 gallons directly to spa with pump running

3. If filter pressure reaches manufacturer's maximum recommendations, rinse or backwash filter

4. Repeat in 24 hours if spa water has not cleared

5. For maintenance, apply 1 tablespoon (2 capfuls) per 300 gallons weekly with the pump running

6. Clean filter after each treatment

Note: Do not overdose with this product. Adding more than the recommended amount of product can result in continued clouding of water