SoftSwim 4-Way Test Strips (25 count)

  • $ 20.99

BioGuard SoftSwim test strips are designed to test swimming pool water for the chemicals used in the SoftSwim program. An easy to use and convenient way to effectively test your SoftSwim levels in your swimming pool. SoftSwim test strips should be used weekly to ensure properly balanced water. This product works only with pools on the SoftSwim program. Each SoftSwim product is formulated to work specifically with the biguanide chemistry of the SoftSwim program. 


1. Dip the test strip into your pool water for 1 second, remove.

2. Hold strip level for 30 seconds.

3. Compare total alkalinity, pH and SoftSwim C (in that order) to the color chart.

4. Re-Dip the strip and rapidly move back and forth underwater for 30 seconds.

5. Compare biguanide to color chart.

SoftSwim B:

The SoftSwim B levels should register between 30-50 ppm. If below add more SoftSwim B. Read SoftSwim B directions for proper dosing.

Total Alkalinity:

Your Total Alkalinity level should register between 125-150. 


The pH levels should register between 7.2-7.8. If pH is high add BioGuard Lo N Slo. If pH is low add BioGuard Balance Pak 200, according to directions on label.

SoftSwim C:

SoftSwim C should register between 40-60 ppm.  If below 40ppm, add more SoftSwim C per label directions. If your SoftSwim C level is over 60 ppm, contact your local BioGuard Dealer for guidance.