Baqua Spa Foam Disperser (16 oz)

Baqua Spa Foam Disperser (16 oz)

  • $ 15.99

BAQUA SPA Foam Disperser with Vitamin E (1 pt) helps to reduce the foaming in your BAQUA SPA treated hot tub.

Specially treated with vitamin E to promote a skin-soothing spa experience with no foam.

Product Dosage 1/4 fl oz per 150 gallons of spa water.

Directions Add 1/4 fl ounces of Baqua Spa Foam Disperser per 150 gallons of spa water.

Circulate the water for a minimum of 30 minutes.

If foam persists, repeat treatment If foam persists after second treatment, consult your Baqua Spa dealer.

Ingredients Polydimethylsiloxane: CAS No. 63148-62-6, Methyl Cellulose: CAS No. 9004-67-5, Polyethylene Glycol Sorbitan Tristearate: CAS No. 9005-71-4, D-alpha-tocopherol polyethylene glysol 100 succinate: CAS No. 9002-96-4, Water: 7732-18-5