Baquacil Surface Cleaner (16 oz)

Baquacil Surface Cleaner (16 oz)

  • $ 18.99

BAQUACIL Surface Cleaner (1 pt) is great at removing stains, oils, dirt, scum and scale from your pool.

This product works above and below the waterline.

This great product does not leave a residue and will not affect water chemistry.

Directions: Scum Line Cleaning: Apply a one-inch ribbon of Baquacil Surface Clean to a wet nonabrasive scrub pad.

Apply product to a 2 to 3 foot section of area to be cleaned. Using gentle pressure scrub area with a pad.

Thoroughly rinse treated area.

For stubborn stains and tile grout, let product stand on affected area for a couple of minutes before scrubbing.

Use a soft-bristled brush for tile grout.

For light tile-line cleaning, dilute Baquacil Surface Cleaner in warm water.

Use three ounces of Baquacil Surface Cleaner to one gallon of water.

Underwater Housekeeping: Apply Baquacil Surface Cleaner directly to pool brush head or other submersible applicator.

Scrub affected areas. Note: The water may cloud temporarily as a result of the detergent in the product.

Simply run the filter while cleaning, and cloudiness will disappear in a few minutes. Ingredients Hydrochloric Acid: 10.1%