BioGuard Arctic Blue Floater (3.5 lb)

BioGuard Arctic Blue Floater (3.5 lb)

  • $ 44.99

BioGuard Arctic Blue Floater (3.5 lb) is the perfect solution for continuous winter chlorination in white plaster pools. This should not be used in any pool other than white plaster. This floater features SilkGuard technology that coats metal surfaces, protecting them against rust.


Before using this product the pool water should be properly balanced and appropriately treated with winterizing product appropriate for the geographic area. Consult your BioGuard Dealer for proper winterization procedures.

After winterization procedures are complete, place this product into the center of the pool in the deep end. If the tables in the floater dissolve completely and the pool water temperature is above 60 degrees for 40 to 45 days, an additional application is recommended. For cover pool, pull the cover back from the deep end of the pool an adequate distance to allow this products to be placed away from the sides of the pool Monitor pool water temperature and reapply every 30 to 45 days when water temperature is above 60 degrees.

Test and balance water before using this product. Adjust pH to 7.4-7.6. Total Alkalinity to 125-150 ppm. and make sure the pool has a chlorine residual between 1-4 ppm.
Adjust the flow control ring to the three-hole setting.
Place floater in the center of the deep end of the pool and hold upright until it fills with water. Then leave to float.
Dispose when the floater has tipped on its side. Replace as previously directed.