BioGuard Balance Pak 100 (5 lb)

  • $ 14.99

BioGuard Balance Pak 100 Alkalinity Increaser - 5# Bag

Balance Pak 100 issued to maintain total alkalinity in your swimming pool. Proper total alkalinity prevents pH from "bouncing" due to rain, bather load, and other chemical application. This helps prevent pool staining, plaster etching or liner wrinkling due to improper pH.

Product Information:

100% sodium hydrogen carbonate

pH 8.2

For raising total alkalinity

Prevents pH change

Improves swimmer comfort

Prevents corrosion due to improper pH

Protects vinyl liners from wrinkling due to improper pH

Test and add

Directions for use:

1. Add directly to your swimming pool with pump and filter running

2. 1.5 pounds of Balance Pak 100 per 10,000 gallons of water will raise your total alkalinity 10ppm

3. Large additions should be divided into thirds and added every 6 hours.

Total alkalinity in your swimming pool water should be maintained in the range of 125-150ppm. For swimming pools using Mineral Springs or pools equipped with chlorine generators, total alkalinity should be 80-150ppm.