BioGuard Chem Out (2 lb)

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Product Details

BioGuard ChemOut Chlorine Remover For Swimming Pools

BioGuard ChemOut eliminates chlorine, bromine, or hydrogen peroxide deposits in pool water. This product is intended to reduce swimming downtime due to high chlorine levels. It will not affect pH levels, so there will be no readjusting necessary after use of this product. ChemOut is also great for neutralizing chlorine or bromine when converting a pool to Soft Swim. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to lower chlorine or bromine levels when treating severe metal stains and when dealing with metal problems.

Product Dosage
4 oz per 10,000 gallons of water removes 3 ppm of chlorine.

Allow at least 8-12 hours for superchlorination treatment to oxidize wastes and chloramines from the pool water. Add BioGuard ChemOut to lower the free chlorine reading to the required 3.0 ppm level before swimming. Before adding any product to the pool, measure the free chlorine in the water. This must be done to determine the correct dosage of BioGuard ChemOut.
To Measure the free chlorine in the swimming pool water, test using either a BioGuard water test kit or the BioGuard 4-way Test Strips.

First, test the superchlorinated pool as you would normally. If the available or free chlorine reading is above the highest level shown on the tests color comparitor or to get a more definitive result at high chlorine levels, it may be necessary to dilute the water sample. To dilute the water sample, using a measuring cup, add one cup of pool water to one cup of tap water. Gently stir the diluted water and then test the diluted water using either BioGuard water test kit or BioGuard 4-way test strips. When you have determined the free chlorine level of the diluted sample multiply this level by 2. You now have the free chlorine level of the pool.
To calculate the ppm available chlorine that must be removed from the pool, subtract 3 ppm from the free chlorine level of the pool. The resulting number is the amount of free chlorine you must remove before it is safe to swim. Use the chart on the bottle to calculate the required dose using the measuring cup supplied with this product. Add this product directly to the pool scattering around the edge of the pool.

Keep the pump on and water circulating.
Please Note: Do not add treatment through skimmer.