BioGuard Metals & Staining Kit

  • $ 77.97

BioGuard Metals and Staining Kit
  • Bundle includes: Pool Magnet Plus (1 quart), Sparkle Up (1.5 lb), and Kleen It Filter Cleaner (1 quart)
  • This convenient bundle contains everything you need to fix metal & staining problems in your swimming pool.
  • BioGuard Sparkle Up is designed to increase the effectiveness of your filter to produce crystal clear water
  • BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus prevents new stains from forming and can even assist in treatment of fresh stains
  • BioGuard Kleen It Filter Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent that is specially designed to remove scale buildup, metals and dirt from your filter
  • Prevents and removes discoloration and staining in swimming pools caused by metals such as iron, copper, magnesium, silver, and manganese.
  • Keep on hand so you can stay on top of metal and staining in your pool before it's an issue