BioGuard Pool Juice Zero (1 qt)

  • $ 43.99

BioGuard Pool Juice Zero (1 qt) Phosphate Remover (Super Powered)

Phosphate is bad for swimming pools. It’s constantly added through source water, ground runoff or rain.

When levels get too high, it can create dull, cloudy or hazy water conditions. Plus, if pH and calcium hardness is high, it can contribute to the formation of harmful calcium phosphate scale on surfaces and equipment.

This is especially problematic for saltwater pools.

Quickly removes high levels of phosphate to near zero in just 24 hours

Before application make sure swimming pool equipment is working properly To reduce high phosphate levels: Backwash and rise filter according to manufacturer's instructions

Apply Pool Juice Zero at a rate of one bottle per 20,000 gallons of swimming pool water around the edges of your swimming pool For swimming pools with less than 10,000 gallons, do not exceed 16fl oz in one treatment Allow pump and filter to run continuously for 24-48 hours.

Swimming pool water may cloud upon application of this product, but will clear within 48 hours After 48 hours, backwash and rinse the filter according to manufacturers instructions **If the filter pressure increases 8-10 psi above normal operating pressure, backwash and rinse filter accordingly.