BioGuard Sparkle Up (1.5 lb)

  • $ 38.99

BioGuard Sparkle Up is a cellulose filter aid intended to be used when your filter experiences difficulty in filtering very small particles. This product helps the filter remove tiny particles of dirt, plaster dust, dead algae, pollen, and other small bits of debris. It also helps prevent metals, which prevents staining. Sparkle Up has been proven to enhance filter performance and it is approved for use in all filter types.

Product Dosage
D.E. Filters:

1 part Sparkle Up and 2 parts D.E. to equal normal filter change.

Cartridge Filter:
8 Cups per 100 sq ft of filter area.

Sand Filters:
1 Cup for 12 in Diameter Filters
2 Cups for 18 in Diameter Filters
4 Cups for 24 in Diameter Filters
6 Cups for 30 in Diameter Filters
9 Cups for 36 in Diameter Filters
13 Cups for 42 in Diameter Filters
17 Cups for 48 in Diameter Filters

Before using this product, make sure the filter, hair and lint pot and skimmer baskets are clean. To obtain uniform distribution of this product, mix the required amount in a clean bucket of water and add the slurry slowly through the skimmer with the pump on. Follow specific directions below for your type of filter.

D.E. Filters:
Thoroughly backwash filter. Set filter to normal filter position. Prepare a mixture of 1 part this product and 2 parts D.E. in sufficient quantity to make up the normal filter charge. Mix the D.E. and this product together in water. Coat the filter with this mixture, as you normally would using D.E. alone. Operate as usual until a new charge is required.

Sand Filters:
Backwash filter thoroughly. Set filter to normal filter position. Add this product according to usage directions using amounts specified in chart below. Run filter continuously. Backwash after 24 hours sooner if the pressure guage reaches the maximum recommendations. Repeat if necessary to clear water completely.

Cartridge Filters:
Remove and clean cartridge. Seat cartridges properly in the filter. With pump running, add 8 cups of this product per each 100 square feet of filter area. (Refer to directions for use). Clean cartridges when pool clears. or if filter pressure reaches manufacturers recommended maximum. Repeat treatment if necessary. Use this product once a month to help maintain optimum water clarity.