BioGuard Stabilizer 100 (1.75 lb)

  • $ 16.99

BioGuard Stabilizer 100 is granular, totally soluble and prevents free chlorine residual loss due to sunlight. Apply it by feeding very slowly through your pool's skimmer. Stabilizer 100 reduces maintenance costs and chlorinating product consumption.
Product Information:

100% cyanuric acid

pH 4.8

Prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight

Reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance cost

Improves efficiency of chlorine generators

Test and add

Use only in outdoor, chlorinated pools

Directions for use:

1. Broadcast 1 pound per 3,000 gallons directly into swimming pool, scattering over the surface of the water

2. For pools with plastic piping, Stabilizer 100 can be added VERY SLOWLY through the skimmer with the pump running

3. Keep the water circulating continuously for 24 hours after addition

4. Do not backwash for 48 hours