BioGuard Pool Complete Weekly ( 3 L )

BioGuard Pool Complete Weekly ( 3 L )

  • $ 64.99

New! BioGuard Pool Complete Weekly ( 3 L )

Takes your pool care routine to a whole new level

3 in 1 high intensity clarifier and cleaner

Prevents waterline buildup

Keeps water amazing clear

Removes phosphates

Adding BioGuard Pool Complete Weekly creates a swimming pool that looks simply AMAZING. Even well cared for pools benefit from its unique 3 in 1 high intensity formula that results in a visually stunning swimming pool.

The dual active clarifier action attracts microscopic particles together so the filter can remove them more easily

Super surfactant package keeps grease and oil from accumulating at the waterline

Removes phosphates - these unwanted contaminants that constantly enter the swimming pool are bound together so the filter can eliminate them.

Before applying make sure all swimming pool equipment is working properly, including the pump, filter, skimmer and heater. If needed, backwash and/or clean filter according to manufacturer's directions.

Weekly maintenance: Shake well before using. This product is not intended for oral consumption.

To keep swimming pool water sparkling clear add this product weekly at a rate of 4 oz per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water

Apply slowly and directly into swimming pool water while walking around deep end of pool

Allow pump and filter to operate for at least 12 hours after application