BioGuard Instant Stabilizer 100 (1 Gallon)

  • $ 53.99


BioGuard Instant Stabilizer 100 (1 gal) prevents the loss of free chlorine due to sunlight. This quick-dissolving formula is easier to apply than granular stabilizer. Protecting your chlorine with this product reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs.


1 gallon will raise the CYA levels by 32 ppm per 10,000 gallons of water.


  1. Shake Well.
  2. With circulation pump running, slowly pour BioGuard Instant Stabilizer 100 into pool skimmer or directly into pool while walking around the edge of pool. Brush to rapidly disperse product.
  3. Rinse container with pool water and shake to ensure all product is removed from the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Pour remaining rinse solution into the skimmer or pool.

Dosage Tips:

1 gallon of BioGuard Instant Stabilizer 100 will raise CYA levels by 32 ppm per 10,000 gallons in your swimming pool water. 

Note: If CYA level is less than 30 ppm, calculate gallons of BioGuard Instant Stabilizer 100 need by using the following formula:

4 fl oz added to 10,000 gallons = 1 ppm increase of conditioner stabilizer level.


Monosodium cyanurate monohydrate: 35%, Percentage of Constituents Ineffective as Spa Adjuvants: 65%