Leisure Time - Leak Seal (32 oz)

Leisure Time - Leak Seal (32 oz)

  • $ 24.99

Leisure Time Leak Seal is an easy and effective way to seal minor leaks in spa surfaces and plumbing, potentially saving you time and money.

Its liquid formula can be added directly to swimming pool water without dilution, and only requires 5 to 10 hours of circulation to finish the job. It is compatible with chlorine, bromine, and ozone sanitizers.

Best of all, Leak Seal is made to the ultra-strict standards Leisure Time demands of all its products, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Dosage Hot Tubs:

1/3 bottle per treatment.

Pools: 1 bottle per treatment.

Directions Remove filter cartridge, grids from D.E. filter or media from other types of filters.

Add 1/3 bottle for spas or entire bottle for pools.

Pour as close to skimmer or main drain as possible.

Turn on only the circulation system.

Do not turn on heater or air blower.

Run recirculation system for 5 hours for spas and 10 hours for pools.

Refill spa or pool to proper level and let stand long enough to determine if leak is sealed.

If leak is sealed, drain the spa and refill.

For pools, normal operation can be resumed. If leak is not sealed, repeat steps 1-6.