Sirona Spa Care Clarifier (32oz)

Sirona Spa Care Clarifier (32oz)

  • $ 22.99


The Sirona Spa Care Clarifier is an efficient spa and hot tub water clarifier that will neutralize and remove suspended particles to help restore dull water to sparkling clear.

Sirona Clarifier  is specifically designed for hot water application. Spa water becomes cloudy because millions of small suspended particles in the spa water accumulate. The particles are too small to be filtered. By using Sirona Spa Care Clarifier, the small particles combine to form larger particles that can be trapped by the filter to improve water clarity.

Compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone, minerals and biguanide.


Add 1 fluid ounce for every 250 gallons of spa water.


  1. When spa/hot tub is initially filled or returned to normal operation, add 1 fluid ounce of this product for up to 250 gallons of water. Use 2 fluid ounces of this product for every 500 gallons of water.
  2. Once a week, or whenever the spa water appears unusually cloudy, add 2 ounces of this product for every 500 gallons of spa water.

How To Use: Pour the required amount of this product directly into the spa/hot tub with the blower and jets running. Allow 15 minutes before turning off the blowers and jets.