Sirona Spa Care Brom Tabs (2.2 lb)

  • $ 42.99

Sirona Spa Care Brom Tabs

Sirona Spa Care Brom Tabs offer a concentrated bromine source, perfect for sanitizing hot tubs. They generate a swift bromine residual for spa start-ups, dissolve evenly, and fit most spa feeders for continuous disinfection. Sirona Spa Care Brom Tabs are low-dusting tablets, fitting common floating feeders, provide chlorine-like effectiveness without the odor.

Product Benefits:

  • Safe, effective and easy-to-use, our bromine tablets for hot tub and spas are suitable for all types of spa floaters
  • Keeps spa water clean, clear and free from odor for a more comfortable, soothing experience
  • Rejuvenate your spa water with all the effectiveness of chlorine, using our bromine tablets for hot tub and spas
  • Low-dust, easy-to-dose tablets are compatible with bromine sanitizing systems
  • Escape and enjoy the healing powers of clean and healthy Sironaâ„¢ spa water


Follow the manufacturer's feeder guidelines to add this product for an active bromine level of 2 to 4 ppm in residential spas and 3 to 6 ppm in commercial ones. Regularly test bromine levels with a dependable kit. Generally, use 0.015 to 0.10 pounds per 300 gallons of water, though higher usage may be necessary due to organic debris, increased use, or other factors.