Sirona Spa Care Activate Granular

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Product Details

Sirona Spa Care Activate Granular 

Sirona Spa Care Activate Granular swiftly clarifies cloudy spa water, eliminating odors and contaminants like ammonia and chloramines. Although not a disinfectant, it refreshes the water, needing chlorine, bromine, or other sanitizers for proper sanitation.

Product Features:

  • Ease into clean, calm spa water with a simple, two-step non chlorine spa shock and oxidizer solution
  • Step 2 of 2 in the bromine purification system results in shimmering clear spa water
  • Eliminates odors, oils and lotions for clear, relaxing results
  • Our non chlorine spa shock and oxidizer formula works effortlessly with other bromine and chlorine systems
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and mineral purification systems


For Use as a Shock Oxidizer: Turn the filtration system on. Apply 2 ounces of this product for every 250 gallons of water. With the cover off, circulate water for 15 minutes.

When used as part of the Sirona Spa Care Bromide Salt Solution and Sirona Spa Care Activate System:

  1. Follow label instructions for Sirona Spa Care Prevent stain and scale treatment, along with Sirona Spa Care Enhance Bromide Salt Solution treatment.
  2. Add this product upon the initial spa or hot tub filling, then use daily as a shock oxidizer to activate available bromine in water.
  3. Add 4 ounces (8 tablespoons) of this product per 250 gallons of water to shock-oxidize the spa or hot tub, releasing available bromine.
  4. Test the bromine residual using a bromine/pH test kit after circulating this product for 15 minutes. Maintain a residual level between 1-3 ppm.

For Maintenance of pH, Bromine Residual and Water Quality:

  1. Check the water's pH daily using a bromine/pH test kit and keep it within 7.2-7.8, as this product's pH remains stable in this range and won't impact the water's pH negatively. Avoid a pH below 7.2.
  2. Test the bromine levels daily with a bromine/pH test kit, aiming for a residual between 1-3 ppm. Increased usage or prolonged spa/hot tub activity might deplete bromine, requiring more of this product or Sirona Spa Care Enhance Bromide Salt Solution. Never mix different chemicals before adding to the water.
  3. Change the water monthly or as necessary to maintain water quality.