SpaGuard Rapid Dissolve Chlorinating Tabs (1.25 lb)

SpaGuard Rapid Dissolve Chlorinating Tabs (1.25 lb)

  • $ 34.99

SpaGuard Rapid Dissolve Chlorinating Tablets (1")

A brand new, convenient way to take out the guesswork of adding chemicals to your hot tub or spa. A single Rapid-Dissolve Chlorinating Tab administers 3-5 ppm of free chlorine in spa sizes up to 600 gallons. 

Quick dissolving sanitizer and oxidizer

Each 1" tab treats up to 600 gallons of spa or hot tub water

Directions for use:

Add direct to spa. With circulation pump and jets running, apply one tab per 300-600 gallons of spa water directly to your spa water and allow tablet to fully dissolve. 

Verify that chlorine tablet has dissolved and free chlorine is 1-3 ppm before re-entry into spa or hot tub.