SpaPure Oxidizing Shock (5 lb)

SpaPure Oxidizing Shock (5 lb)

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SpaPure Oxidizing Shock is powerful oxygen-based oxidizer that helps eliminate non-microbial contaminants and bather waste.

This product can be used on all spa surfaces, without the worry of fading or bleaching.

It can be applied without the risk of raising chlorine, calcium hardness, or cyanic acid levels.

Contains no chlorine Increases water clarity

Eliminates bather waste and other non-microbial contaminants

Directions NEVER mix different products together in same bottle or pail.

Add this product directly to the water.

Broadcast this product uniformly over the surface of the spa water with the pump running and the spa filtering.

Apply this product to the spa weekly, after heavy use or when the water looks slightly hazy or dull.

Apply more frequently to the spa if the spa is used often.

Turn on circulation system.

Add 1.5 ounces (2 tablespoons) for every 200 gallons of water.

Broadcast product over the surface of the water.

Continue to circulate water for 15 minutes.

Spa may be used 15 minutes after application.

Ingredients Potassium monopersulfate:45% Other ingredients:55%