Ultima Nano Phos Phosphate Remover (5 Tablets)

Ultima Nano Phos Phosphate Remover (5 Tablets)

  • $ 29.99


The Ultima NANO-PHOS tablets are an ultra-pure form of a phosphate remover product that is now in tablet form for the first time in pool history. This tablet is made of a blend of rare Earth-salts that dissolve easier than the traditional phosphate removing liquids that will help prevent cloudy water when trying to remove phosphates. Apply the tablets and watch each tablet reduce phosphate levels by 440 ppb in 10,000 gallons.


Initial High-Phosphate Treatment:

Each tablet will reduce phosphate levels by up to 440 ppb in 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water. Before initial treatment, backwash and clean the filter. Apply product directly to the skimmer basket while the filter is running. Tablets will dissolve within 60 minutes. Re-check filter pressure and backwash or clean the filter if needed. Re-test phosphate levels after 48-72 hours.

Maintenance Dose:

Add one tablet of NANO-PHOS weekly. Run filter for at least 8 hours per day. Depending on the severity of the phosphate issue, more tablets may be needed to keep them at an acceptable level.