Omni Maximizer (20lb)

Omni Maximizer (20lb)

  • $ 44.99

Omni Maximizer gives pool owners a unique product that utilizes a dual-action formula that combines the power of a clarifier with the ability to balance out your pH level, making water balancing much easier.

Its clarifier eliminates any waterborne contaminants to provide sparkling water quality, while its pH balancer brings your pH into the optimal range to ensure sanitizers and other chemicals are working at peak efficiency.

A properly balanced pH will also provide a more comfortable pool environment for swimmers.

Dosage: 15-23 lb per 10,000 gallons of water.


Initial Start-Up:

  1. Before adding Maximizer, bring a sample of the pool water or fill water to your local professional dealer to have the water tested and balanced to proper levels.
  2. Also, backwash or clean filter before adding this product.
  3. Then add 15-23 lbs. of Maximizer per 10,000 gallons of pool water.
  4. Slowly add Maximizer into your pool skimmer with the pump and circulation system on.
  5. Allow pool water to circulate for 4-8 hours after application.
  6. Do not pour Maximizer into a skimmer if circulation is not evident in the skimmer.
  7. Do not directly combine Maximizer with any other product.

Routine Maintenance:

  1. Test your pool water on a regular basis for pH and sanitizer residual and adjust as necessary.
  2. Twice a year, bring a pool water sample to your local professional pool dealer for testing of your Maximizer level and pool water balance.
  3. If the water level is significantly reduced or drained and refilled, then water should be retested by your dealer, following initial start-up instructions for proper application.