Natural Chemistry - Pool Magic Spring & Fall (33.9 oz)

Natural Chemistry - Pool Magic Spring & Fall (33.9 oz)

  • $ 29.99

Pool Magic contains a concentrated natural enzyme based formula designed specifically to work in cold water. It quickly breaks down non-living organic contaminants, and cleans up cloudy, dirty pool water.

Typically, you close your pool in the fall with a dose of Pool Magic Spring & Fall. The enzymes control the non-living organics that seep into the water during the off season and minimize the work to re-open or start the pool up. However, if you didn't use Pool Magic Spring & Fall in the fall, you will still benefit by adding it during opening.

  • Reduces or eliminates off season waterline ring build-up
  • Minimizes or eliminates scrubbing
  • Preserves liner and pool finishes
  • Reduces the need for acid washing of in-ground pools

Directions for use:
Use entire bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L)

In The Fall
  1. Follow dealer instructions for closing
  2. Add Pool Magic Spring & Fall as the last step before covering pool
  3. Test phosphate levels to ensure levels are near zero

In The Spring
  1. Bring water level to normal and add any time after shocking and balancing chemicals

Note: Chlorine must be under 5ppm before adding this product