Poolife Filter Cleaner

Poolife Filter Cleaner

  • $ 29.99


Poolife Filter Cleaner is an acidic solution designed to break down oil, grease, dirt and soap that accumulates on your cartridge filter. Simply soak your filter in this solution and hose off.


1 qt per filter cleaning.


Cartridges and removable D.E. elements:

  1. Remove elements and rinse with clean water.
  2. Prepare a solution by adding 1 quart of Poolife Filter Cleaner to 2 gallons of warm water in a large plastic bucket or garbage can. Prepare enough solution to cover filter. For heavily soiled cartridges add 2 quarts of Poolife Filter Cleaner to the 2 gallons of water.
  3. Place the filter cartridge or D.E. element in the cleaning solution and allow soaking overnight (12 hours). Lightly soiled elements can be soaked for as little as 4 hours.
  4. Rinse filtration thoroughly with clean water and replace.
  5. Filter elements should be allowed to dry before installing in the filter unit if they are going to be stored.

Backwashing Instructions:

  1. Turn off pump and set valves to backwash positions.
  2. During backwashing, slowly add poolfie Filter Cleaner to skimmer. Use 1 quart for sand filters up to 2 feet in diameter or D.E. filter to 1 foot in diameter. Use 2 quarts for larger filters.
  3. Backwash until the back wash water is clean and no foam is visible. Remoter filter to normal operation.

Combine Backwashing with a Soaking Period:

  1. Backwash for up to 1 minutes and leave valve in backwash position.
  2. Fill the filter tank with a solution of Poolife Filter Cleaner in water: Either prepare the solution as above in directions for use and us the pump to feed the solution through the pump strainer (requires 7 to 20 gallons of water) or add directly to the filter or directly through the skimmer. Use 2 quarts for sand filters up to 2 feet in diameter or D.E. filters to 1 foot in diameter. Use 4 quarts for larger filters.
  3. Allow the filter to soak several hours (12 hours) or overnight.
  4. Next day, backwash until effluent water is clear (no foam), then return to normal operation.