Poolife Non Chlorine Oxidizer

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Poolife Non Chlorine Oxidizer is a great shock to destroy soluble organic contaminates without adding chlorine to your pool. Swimming can resume in as few as 15 minutes after using this product.


1 lb per 10,000 gallons of water per week.


Apply 1 lb of Poolife Non-Chlorine Oxidizer per 10,000 gallons of pool water once every week. Pools with heavy bather loads or commercial and public swimming pools may require double the normal dosage. Add product by distributing it in the deep end of the pool while running the pump to circulate the water. Application should not be made while swimmers are in the water; however, swimmers may return to the water 15 minutes after the application is completed. For best results, add this product at dusk.

Note: This product is not a sanitizer or an algaecide. For routine disinfections, use an EPA registered product according to label directions. This product contains no chlorine and is not a pool water disinfectant. It should be used for oxidizing treatment only. This product does not replace the need for regular use of a swimming pool sanitizer. This product reacts with DPD#3 test for total chlorine, giving a temporary high reading. Wait at least 6 hours before performing a DPD#3 test. The DPD #1 test for free chorine is not affected.


Potassium monopersulfate: 44.7%, Inert Ingredients: 55.3%, Active Oxygen: 4.7%