Sirona Spa Care Cover Care (16 oz)

Sirona Spa Care Cover Care (16 oz)

  • $ 21.99

Sirona Spa Care - Cover Care 16oz

New! Compatible with all Baqua Spa Chemicals.

Cleans and shines spa covers

Repels water, dust and dirt

Protects against UV rays

Directions for use:

Sirona Cover Care forms a protective shield on your spa cover which resists fading, stains and dirt

Repeated applications increase water repellency

1. Shake gently before using

2. Ensure surface is thoroughly dry and apply liberally

3. Let product stand for 10-15 minutes to allow penetration

4. Wipe excess product off and buff to high a luster

Note: For the initial treatment of a new spa cover, apply two coats of Cover Care