Spa Essentials Brominating Tablets (1.5 lb)

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Spa Essentials Brominating Tablets - 1.5 lb

Spa Essentials Brominating Tablets provide spa owners with an alternative to chlorine sanitation, without the nasty odor problems and a greater pH range for more flexible maintenance schedules. Simply add these tablets to your spa water with either a tablet floater or brominator, and your sanitizing needs are met, giving you more time to enjoy your spa.


Ensure all spa equipment is working properly.
Clean cartridge filter or backwash sand or DE filter system following manufacturers directions.
Adjust pH to between 7.2-7.6.
When using other products as outlined indirections for this product always follow directions on those products.
Fill spa bromine feeder with the product and adjust feeder following manufacturers directions to yield bromine residual between 2-4 ppm in residential spas and 4-6 ppm in commercial spas.
Check feeder regularly and add additional products as needed to maintain the bromine residual.
The pump and filter should be operated for at least 3 hours every day whether spa is used or not.
Do not heat water above spa manufacturers recommended maximum temperature.
Keep the spa free of leaves and other debris.
To maintain clear, clean water and insure the performance of your spa chemicals, spas should be drained and refilled with fresh water every 60 days in residential spas or a minimum of every 7 days in commercial spas.
1-Bromo-3-Chloro-5,5-Dimethylhydantoin: 96%, Other Ingredients: 4%