SpaGuard Bundle Kit - 1

SpaGuard Bundle Kit - 1

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SpaGuard hot tub chemical supplies bundle

Spa guard hot tub chlorine chlorinating concentrate granular chemicals supplies kit bundle

SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate 2lb

SpaGuard Chlorine Concentrate is a quick-dissolving spa chlorine granule that contains 99% active ingredient leaveing little room for filler materials that can clog your filter, cloud water, or build up on the waterline. Granules may be added directly to hot tub water, no pre-dissolving needed.

Spa guard hot tub enhanced shock oxidizer treatment chemical starting water kits ph buffer

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock Spa Oxidizer 2lb

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock is a multi-purpose shock designed for hot tubs and spas that serves as a shock, clarifier, flocculent, & pH buffer all in one. Enhanced shock removes odors, restores water sparkle, and is compatible with chlorinated or brominated spas as well ozone or ionization systems.

SpaGuard Spa Complete 70oz

3-in-1 Clarifier, Freshener, and Softening Formula

SpaGuard Spa Complete utilizes a high-intensity, triple-action formula that makes spa water feel wonderfully soft, look sparkling, and keep the spa water noticeably clear. This proprietary combination improves the spa owner’s experience while reducing the complexity of hot tub water maintenance. The bottle features a sturdy pour spout and a 4oz. dosing cap. Lavender and eucalyptus extracts create a relaxing and soothing spa aromatherapy experience. The final touch for any spa.

Spa guard complete hot tub clarifier lavender water softener eucalytus chemicals treatment
Spa guard hot tub stain scale control treatment calcium reducer decreaser balancer chemical

Stain & Scale Control 1 Qt

SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control prevents & removes metal stains & keeps scale from forming on surfaces & equipment.

pool spa hot tub test testing strips chlorine alkalinity calcium hardness ph leisurequip

5- Way Pool & Spa Test Strips

5-Way Pool and Spa test strips quickly and easily test for pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Bromine, and Chlorine levels. 50 count.

SpaGuard Hot Tub Startup Chemical Bundle

With Spa Complete

This SpaGuard spa chemical bundle includes the products needed to get your hot tub water ready for use including Spa Complete to give your water a fresh and soft feel. The soothing lavender and eucalyptus extracts provide a relaxing and enjoyable scent to elevate your spa experience. Compatible with all types of hot tubs including inflatable, soft sided, vinyl, swim spas, and portable hot tubs.

Hot tub chemical opening kit complete spa chlorine bundle set starting testing shock stain scale