Sundance® Spas SunScents™ - Multiple Scent Options

  • $ 17.99

LUXURIOUS | Time in your hot tub should be a sensory delight. Warm water, pulsating jets, the clear night sky—complete the experience with a delightful fragrance.

PRISTINE | Sundance® Spas designed SunScents™ to be the superior choice for hot tub aromatherapy. The fragrance travels in the air blowers, not in the water, so your water chemistry stays balanced, your water stays clear, and the scent dissipates the moment you turn off the blower.

ADJUSTABLE | Sundance® Spas puts you in control: place one fragrance package in the SunScents dispenser in your spa. Dial the air blower to get just the right level of fragrance for you and your guests. Turn off the blower, and your spa will keep the fragrance sealed away for next time. One cartridge contains enough fragrance for six or more hours of use, and each package contains two cartridges.

EXCLUSIVE | You bought a Sundance® hot tub because you wanted the very best. The SunScents™ system is exclusive to 980 and 880 series Sundance® Spas. Get the most out of your premium hot tub by using its aromatherapy features.

Scent Varieties:

CLASSIC | Jasmine flowers are famous for their sweet, breezy fragrance. SunScents™ Jasmine captures the friendly, evocative scent jasmine on a backyard fence on a summer’s eve.

CRISP | Eucalyptus offers a bracing, cooling scent. You’ll feel invigorated yet calm with the fragrance of this famed essential oil in the air.

FUN | Honey mango offers a sweet escape from the cares of the day. The charming fragrance welcomes you into your hot tub and calls to mind tropical cocktails and warm locales.

MILD | Lavender is a subtle, complex fragrance that adds a hint of floral elegance to your hot tub session. Many people find the scent of lavender soothing and calming, making it perfect for relaxing before bed.

DELIGHTFUL | Piña Colada is a sweet, heavy scent that turns your backyard oasis into a tropical vacation. Clear tones of coconut and sweet pineapple perfume make this scent perfect for parties and celebrations.

GENTLE | Summer Rain offers you the tingling comfort of first breeze that lets you know the weather is changing. Outdoorsy but not floral, mild but not wimpy, the fragrance of summer rain helps you relax and enjoy your aromatherapy session.